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 Debbye smiles, while holding an award
Debbye smiles, while holding an award.

We celebrated our 8th anniversary with our communities last Saturday! We were touched that people came from all over the country to acknowledge and celebrate HEARD’s eight years of service.

John Wilson join us remotely from prison and his family showed up in person. We awarded John and his family an award to acknowledge their years of support of HEARD and to honor their reunification in two weeks. You may remember John from our previous posts []. John is the main reason why HEARD was founded and HEARD volunteers have been working on his case for 12 years.

An award with a statue in shape of four people with their arms open and wide, connecting together. The award reads “HEARD – John Wilson, Jr. In honor of your commitment to HEARD & in celebration of your reunification with your loved ones. February 18, 2019.”

We also honored the Mastroianni Family for their support of HEARD for several years. Jason Mastroianni’s heart and legacy made our very first Social Justice Fellowship possible. We took the time also to honor our volunteer team who has supported our Deaf and Disabled communities in courts, prisons, and with reentry, and more, as we move forward together. The celebration was definitely a powerful and heartwarming experience for our HEARD advocates and volunteers.

An award with a blue oval statue. The award reads “HEARD Presented to the Mastroianni Family In recognition of your generosity and commitment to the work of HEARD in honor of your beloved son, Jason MAstroianni. February 18, 2019.”

Please enjoy the photos. Image descriptions are in the captions of each photo are available on HEARD’s Facebook page.