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What is HEARD’s Commissary Fund for Deaf/Disabled Incarcerated People?

For years, HEARD has sent funds directly to deaf/disabled incarcerated people through our Commissary Fund. Commissary (also known as prison store, canteen, etc.) is how incarcerated people purchase essential hygiene products, basic clothing, food, mailing supplies, and more. The selection of what items incarcerated people can buy is very limited and the costs are often much more expensive than what people outside prison pay for the same item. 

Why is the Commissary Fund important?

HEARD sends these funds freely without strings attached because we believe that incarcerated people know how to best use and spend resources to support their survival. In a system that denies incarcerated people their agency, autonomy, and self-determination, we believe these choices should be honored to the fullest extent possible. These funds help our deaf/disabled incarcerated community members get what they need to survive and lessen the steep financial burdens on family members, many of whom are also disabled themselves.

How can I apply?

If your deaf/disabled incarcerated loved one could benefit from commissary support, please email

How can I donate to the Fund?