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On the eve of the FCC’s historic vote to reign in sky-high prisoner telephone rates for prisoners across the nation, HEARD would like to share this interview.  See you tomorrow at the FCC!!!

HEARD’s interns have completed the transciption of Talila “TL” Lewis’ July 16, 2013 interview with Roach Brown on Crossroads Radio Show!

“It is a prison within a prison. Deaf prisoners don’t have access to educational programing or any sort of anger management, mental health, medical health services–NOTHING.  That is the standard across the United States.  So in terms of having access to advocates, and attorneys and family members: its paramount for this population. It’s not just an ‘Oh, I kinda want to pick up the phone.’  This is: ‘I NEED this to survive.'”

-Talila “TL” Lewis on the importance to accessible & affordable telecommunications for deaf prisoners.

The Transcript PDF can be found here.

The archived show can be found here.  Search for the 11:00am, show on July 16, 2013.