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On the eve of the FCC’s historic vote to reign in sky-high prisoner telephone rates for prisoners across the nation, HEARD would like to share this interview. Ā See you tomorrow at the FCC!!!

HEARD’s interns have completed the transciption of Talila “TL” Lewis’ July 16, 2013 interview with Roach Brown on Crossroads Radio Show!

“It is a prison within a prison. Deaf prisoners donā€™t have access to educational programing or any sort of anger management, mental health, medical health services–NOTHING. Ā That is the standard across the United States. Ā So in terms of having access to advocates, and attorneys and family members: itsĀ paramountĀ for this population. Itā€™s not just an ‘Oh, I kinda want to pick up the phone.’ Ā This is: ‘I NEED this to survive.'”

-Talila “TL” Lewis on the importance to accessible & affordable telecommunications for deaf prisoners.

The Transcript PDF can be foundĀ here.

The archived show can be foundĀ here. Ā Search for the 11:00am, show on July 16, 2013.