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From January – March 2018, HEARD will be accepting calls from deaf imprisoned people on Tuesdays from 6 – 10 AM, PST and Thursdays from 10 AM – 2 PM PST. These times are for DDBDDHH imprisoned people only, sometimes accepting limited calls from advocates supporting deaf imprisoned people during these times for urgent matters. Videophone number is 202-436-9278.

January 11th: HEARD hosts Deaf Twitter chat with Darren House, a high school teacher on the board of California Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The chat was focused on teaching in content areas, including questions such as “Where can we receive further professional development in teaching content areas to DDBDDHH students?” and “How can we reduce and eliminate barriers that DDBDDHH experience when trying to master content standards?” To receive text notifications for #DeafEd Twitter chats, you can text the word @deafedch to the number 81010.

January 12th: HEARD announces monthly webinars beginning January 30th *description*

January 30th: HEARD hosts Webinar on Policing, Prisons, & Protecting Ourselves with guests Alison Aubrecht and Mariame Kaba. The goal is to understand trends in policing, healthcare, education, legal, and other systems that have led to what is now known as “mass incarceration.” We learn how education, foster, policing, legal, and prison systems are connected, and how racism, ableism, and classism within these systems create unjust outcomes for marginalized communities.