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This morning, HEARD trained the D.C. Corrections Information Council about Deaf Culture & Communication!

Click HERE to see photos from today’s training.

The CIC monitors and reports on conditions of confinement for D.C.’s prisoners. Because of HEARD’s advocacy, the CIC will be visiting and reporting on DC’s deaf and hard of hearing prisoners housed in federal facilities across the U.S. They requested training in advance of this summer’s interviews with deaf prisoners and we happily obliged!

More about the CIC: The CIC is mandated to inspect and monitor conditions of confinement at facilities operated by the Federal Bureau of Prison (BOP), D.C. Department of Corrections (DOC) and their contract facilities where D.C. residents are incarcerated.  Additionally, the CIC assesses programs and services available to D.C. residents at these facilities.  Through its mandate the CIC will collect information from many different sources, including site visits, and report its observations and recommendations to the D.C. Mayor, the D.C. Deputy Mayor of Public Safety and Justice, the D.C. City Council, the Director of BOP, the Director of the DOC, and to the D.C. community.