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Trinity McFadden

Trinity, a dark-skinned Black woman, has a closed, slight smile, standing in front of flowers and trees in the forest. She is wearing a tan headscarf, black short-sleeved shirt, with dark blue and green plaid patterned dress pants. She is posing with the book, Americanah by Chimanda Ngozi Adichie.

Trinity McFadden (she/her) is a Black-Indigenous deafdisabled thinker, abolitionist, disability justice advocate, and digital organizer, with a passion for learning and community building. As HEARD staff, she oversees the organizationā€™s external communications efforts, including our website, social media, quarterly newsletters, e-alerts, fundraising, & more. Trinity serves on HEARD’s Board of Directors as the Secretary.

Outside of HEARD, Trinity enjoys dancing and spending time with her dog.

Jessica Murgel

Jessica Murgel (she/her) is a social worker, mental health therapist, and a Coda. She recently obtained her Master of Social Work with a certificate in Trauma-Informed Practice from Case Western Reserve University to better serve her community, and in particular, marginalized individuals. She currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon for Cascadia Health serving people with mental health disabilities, as well as legal system involvement to help navigate societal barriers and receive the support they need. Previously, she has worked in the nonprofit sector in development and communications as well as has teaching experience at the university level. She has also earned a Masterā€™s degree in Deaf Studies from Gallaudet University and a Bachelorā€™s degree in Philosophy and History from American University.

Dustin Gibson

Dustin, a light skin Black man, stands in the middle of the photo looking directly into the camera. He has dark hair, a low cut fade with a part and a dark beard. He is wearing a backpack and a white tee-shirt that has an aqua blue circular shape on it. Behind him is a blurry crowd of people, a delivery truck, a building and tree as well as a traffic sign. The people in the crowd are all facing the same direction and at least one of them is holding a sign.

Dustin (he/him) is the Co-Director of PeoplesHub where he supports disabled movement workers and helped implement a framework of disability justice. He most recently served as the Director of Access, Disability and Language Justice. He comes from an organizing tradition of Independent Living with commitments to deinstitutionalization and youth self-determination. Heā€™s also a peer support trainer and member of several abolitionist organizations.