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We hosted the first-ever #DeafInPrison Twitter chat to engage in an honest dialogue about the justice system’s failure to provide equal access to justice for deaf people & people with disabilities. The chat raised consciousness about the Deaf Access to Justice Movement and highlighted the need for immediate action to reverse the trends of police brutality against people who are deaf and people with disabilities; deaf wrongful arrests and convictions; & abuse of prisoners who are deaf and prisoners with disabilities.

Visit our Storify story for a recap of the amazing chat. 

Relatedly, the “Deaf In Prison” documentary is now available online. If you have not yet¬†seen the documentary, please visit¬†,¬†then share your thoughts on social media using #DeafInPrison.

Sincere thanks to¬†Jeremy Young,¬†Sweta Vohra, and¬†their team’s work in creating the documentary.