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The Daily Moth Covers John Wilson Jr’s Release & HEARD

via The Daily Moth 3-5-2019ÔĽŅ Deaf Man Who Was Incarcerated for 25 Years To Be Released On Parole Tomorrow After Activism by HEARD HEARD, an organization that advocates for deaf people in the criminal justice system, said that a Deaf man, John Wilson Jr, who has been incarcerated for 25 years, will be released tomorrow. … Continued

May 2018 Infographic

Our May 2018 infographic is up! Check out the ASL translation and learn what kind of correspondences we received and where in the month of May in 2018. Interactive infographic for May Need to share information anonymously? #DeafAccessToJustice#DisabilitySolidarity END#MassIncarceration [Video description: Title card: “HEARD May 2018 INFOGRAPHIC” The video fades to black and then a narrator … Continued

HEARD’s 8th Anniversary Celebration

We celebrated our 8th anniversary with our communities last Saturday! We were touched that people came from all over the country to acknowledge and celebrate HEARD’s eight years of service. John Wilson join us remotely from prison and his family showed up in person. We awarded John and his family an award to acknowledge their … Continued

April 2018 Infographic

Wondered how many calls we received in the month of April this year? From which states? For what? Check out the ASL translation of April 2018 Infographic! Interactive infographic for April 2018: Need to share information anonymously? #DeafAccessToJustice #DisabilitySolidarity END #MassIncarceration [Video description: Title card: “HEARD April 2018 INFOGRAPHIC” The video fades to black and then a narrator … Continued

Support John Wilson’s Return Home!

John Wilson is a loving father, grandfather & friend to many, and we are so excited to welcome him back home! John Wilson is Deaf and uses American Sign Language as his primary language. In the early 1990’s police officers in Washington, DC interrogated John about a serious crime without an interpreter. Instead police … Continued

The Isolation of Being Deaf in Prison

Jeremy “Jay” Woody shares just some of his #DeafInPrison story with The Marshall Project. HEARD has supported Jay for years, both in and out of prison. We are proud of his efforts to support himself and others; and of his courage to share his story. He is currently working on a “what I wish I had known” #DeafReentry series … Continued

January 2018 Infographic

HEARD’s first infographic¬†visualizes some of our correspondence with¬†#DeafInPrison¬†during January alone.¬† We hope the public understands the horrors of¬†#massincarceration¬†on¬†#Disabled¬†communities through our work.¬† Here is the interactive version of this infographic:¬†

January 2018: What We’ve Done, What’s to Come!

January 3rd:¬†HEARD announces NATIONAL #DEAFINPRISON HOTLINE! From January – March 2018, HEARD will be accepting calls from deaf imprisoned people on¬†Tuesdays from 6 – 10 AM, PST and Thursdays from 10 AM – 2 PM PST. These times are for DDBDDHH imprisoned people only, sometimes accepting limited calls from advocates supporting deaf imprisoned people during … Continued

2017 Year in Review

ÔĽŅ We are approaching our seventh year as volunteer-dependent nonprofit organization. We have accomplished what many thought was impossible with no office, no staff, and a budget made of community donations. 2018 is already measuring up to be even better because of our amazing volunteers, fellows, board members, and community supporters. This short video provides … Continued

November & December 2017

November 2nd:¬†TL represented HEARD and the Harriet Tubman Collective at the Fall 2017 Criminal Law Practitioner Symposium,¬†Race and Disability in Policing and Criminal Justice Reform¬†at the Washington College of Law Disability Law Society. Several DC HEARD Advocates were also in attendance. November 11th:¬†HEARD hosts¬†Know Your Rights Day¬†in Crestview, FL with Attorney Sharon Caserta for an … Continued