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November 2nd: TL represented HEARD and the Harriet Tubman Collective at the Fall 2017 Criminal Law Practitioner Symposium, Race and Disability in Policing and Criminal Justice Reform at the Washington College of Law Disability Law Society. Several DC HEARD Advocates were also in attendance.

November 11th: HEARD hosts Know Your Rights Day in Crestview, FL with Attorney Sharon Caserta for an all-day teach-in, promoting Deaf Access to Justice and self-advocacy.

November 22nd: HEARD MN represents DDBDDHH communities for the first time at the Minnesota Department of Corrections Transitions Fair.

November 27th: HEARD hosts #DeafEd Twitter chat with guest Corey Axelrod on Be a Champion: Facilitating Growth Mindset and Self Advocacy.

November 29th: HEARD co-hosts #EndMoneyBail Twitter Power Hour with the Chicago Community Bond Fund, Brooklyn Community Bail Fund, and more.

November 30th: HEARD hosts #DeafInPrison holiday postcard gathering at Galaudet University, letting our imprisoned community know we haven’t forgetten them and we still care deeply about them.

December was largely consumed with rallying and advocating in outrage against the lack of charge for the officers who shot and tased Magdiel Sanchez in Oklahoma, a brown skin, Latino man who was Deaf with Disabilities and lived in a low income, mostly immigrant neighborhood. HEARD also shared a livestream from the US Commission on Civil Rights public meeting on “The School-to-Prison Pipeline: The Intersections of Students of Color with Disabilities.”