Wednesday September 19, 2018
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HEARD and the American Civil Liberties Union have teamed up to try to bring an end police brutality against deaf people.

In addition to working with together to create a signed-captioned video to inform deaf people of their rights when interacting with law enforcement, HEARD's founder recently worote a guest blog for the ACLU discussing the "woeful lack of training about--and awareness of--Deaf Culture and communication within police departments across the nation." 

HEARD created this log of police brutality against the deaf, but we are looking to collect more stories of police brutality against deaf people.  If you wish to add your story of police brutality to this list, please fill out this survey


deaf beaten

Nancy Rourke's oil on canvas piece, Deaf Beaten

Nancy: This painting is about Deaf people getting beaten and killed by officers.  A Deaf person is on the ground, being beaten by three officers. His eyes are bruised. His hands are bound behind the back. The sign says, "HELP!" The Deaf get beaten for not obeying orders because they cannot hear.

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